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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fanatics or Evangelists in Network Marketing

I'm passing on a post from a respected associate about Network Marketing and Evangelism.  It's very good so enjoy.   Thanks Jennifer!

Some of us Network Marketers get really passionate about our products/services/opportunities to the point that we turn into what looks to others as fanatical zealots.  We become like steamrollers, verbally crushing and rolling over everyone we meet.

I was reading a short article written by Guy Kawasaki on E V A N G E L I S M   and found myself relating many of his points to our approach in Network Marketing.

I'd like to share some of the 10 points he made - along with some of the things I have learned since starting this journey in the world of Network Marketing.

by Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-
residence at Garage Technology Ventures. He is also the co-founder of Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. Guy is the author of nine books.

The future belongs to people who can spread ideas

Here are ten things to remember:

   1. Create a cause. A cause seizes the moral high
ground and makes people’s lives better.

Our "Cause" is typically our product/service & an opportunity to create an additional income from home.  Most every legal Network Marketing business has at least two of the three if not all three.

   2. Love the cause. “Evangelist” isn’t a job title. It’s
a way of life. If you don’t love a cause, you can’t
evangelize it.

I was talking with someone this last week who wanted to join me in my business, she loved the concept of Network Marketing (the opportunity to create income) but she didn't like the products/services.  Not only did she NOT like what was actually going to bring the income (the products/services) she couldn't see anyone she knew wanting any of it either.

Joining me on my team was NOT a good fit for her.  She would NOT be a good evangelist for our 'cause'.  She's still debating the issues but the answer will be "NO"... coming from ME.... you are not a good fit for our business.  We only accept the volunteers.  (see #3)

   3. Look for agnostics, ignore atheists. It’s too
hard to convert people who deny your cause. Look
for people who are supportive or neutral instead.

Too many Network Marketers are out there trying to 'convince' or 'convert' people who are too 'comfortable' with the state they are in instead of asking a few simple questions, listening to the response and learning that anything besides "yes, tell me more" is a "NO".
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter calls it "only take the volunteers".

   4. Localize the pain. Never describe your cause by
using bull shiitake terms like “revolutionary” and
“paradigm shifting.” Instead, explain how it helps a

Every day we ALL get either a call, an email, a tweet, a post on our Facebook profile SHOUTING at us to look at this “revolutionary”, "fastest growing", "the #1", "fastest growing", blah, blah, blah.  (Ok, we don't get ONE, we get hundreds)

Hype only sells the Network Marketing opportunity seeker junkie who gets sold on the excitement and then two hours, two days, two weeks later is out there seeking the rush that only HYPE can bring.

   6. Learn to give a demo. A person simply cannot
evangelize a product if she cannot demo it.

We can't always 'demo'  our products/services; however, in the words of Tom "Big Al" Schreiter and other legends out there - "facts tell, stories sell".  Learn to tell stories.

   8. Ignore pedigrees. Don’t focus on the people
with big titles and big reputations..............

I talk to a lot of people who are desperately searching to attract that one (or two) 'heavy hitter'.

"I just need to find ONE heavy hitter and my business will explode".

Truth is heavy hitters are NOT looking for you AND they come and go.  It's up to YOU to help develop everyone on your team.  If you put in the time to help develop and grow your team members, you'll reap those heavy hitters yourself.

   9. Never tell a lie. Credibility is everything for an
evangelist. Tell the truth—even if it hurts.
Actually, especially if it hurts.

WOW!  I can't think of any occasion that merits anything but the truth.  I had a team member who felt he needed to exaggerate the number of people he had brought into the business to 'impress' someone he was talking to.

The guilt of telling the 'lie' ate him alive.  The fear of being found out later, ate him alive.  When the truth came out... he lost a lot of credibility.
Don't do it!  Just tell the truth!

  10. Remember your friends. Be nice to the people
on the way up because you might see them again
on the way down.

Not a lot I can add to that one.....

I hope that at least one of these points helps you or someone you work with in building your business in Network Marketing.

To YOUR Success